How To Be Fashionable PDF

How To Be Fashionable PDF

As the early Aughts are set to become fashion’s main reference point, we’re giving away a PDF of a publication that perfectly encapsulates NYC’s contribution to that period. The ideological home of the original post-Y2K hipster, the city was a breeding ground for guys who knew "what fits in women’s sizes“ and kept on their sunglasses "30 seconds to a minute longer than everyone else“. 

Written and designed by Andrew Coulter Enright, "How To Be Fashionable“ employs snazzy aphorisms set in experimental type over its 54 pages to sum up the state of cool kid culture just before the Internet turned it into a global phenomenon.

Andrew Coulter Enright
54 Pages
The Tynt Press
New York, 2003
Special EX LIBRIS edition

Download it here.