JUNE 7, 2020

Dear reader,

when you signed up, I had promised you a dispatch “every month or so”. And while it has only been three weeks since we published our last issue, we have decided to postpone No News News #3. The reason, of course, being the murder of George Floyd and the ensuing protests against racism and police violence.

We’re decidedly no-news – focusing on topics out of the 24/7 media cycle. But racism and Black people’s struggle against centuries of oppression isn’t just this week’s news. It’s bigger than that. It is Black lives in constant danger, it is Black communities systematically discriminated against – in the US, as well as Europe and beyond.

But what is an adequate response to this injustice? How does a (very) small media brand, whose foremost mission is to entertain, react to these very real and pressing issues? Changing the publishing cycle is obviously easy – it gets more difficult once we look at more profound ways to do our part.

Because this is what it’s all about: taking action. Privileged white people like me have always been good at coming up with reasons not to act – what qualifies me to speak? – but I, and others like me, need to accept the fact that the worst thing is to do nothing.

A tiny step: in the future – and I need to recognize our failings in this area for what we’ve already commissioned – we will make sure to include more diverse, and specifically Black, voices to reflect on our chosen topics. The goal is to make No News News part of a better world.

Should you, dear reader, want to take action yourself, I urge you to learn, donate and participate. As a starting point we have compiled a select list of resources below. For our part, we will continue to sign, protest, contribute and fight for change where we can. Join us.

Hans Bussert


READ: A list of anti-racism resources for white people

Rhizome's digital resources for a movement against police violence

DONATE: We try to give to grassroots organizations where possible. They tend to get fewer donations but can often use resources more effectively:

Black Trans Femmes in the Arts – a New York-based collective

– Colorblock, a POC artist-led space near Berlin which works to create support systems against oppression

– Amadeu Antonio Stiftung, established German NGO working to eliminate racism and hate



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