MARCH 21, 2021
*******FETCH THIS********

To commemorate our current dog-themed issue of No News News, we created a silver pendant that’s sure to keep the pack drooling. Engraved with a hearty “WOOF!” on the front, it’s the ideal gift for yourself or a loved one – whether they’re still out fetching sticks or cozily snuggled up in the kennel. The EX LIBRIS bone pendant is really just perfect for basking in the glow of the most enduring canine admiration.

Sterling silver
Diamond engraved
Designs on front and back
Made in Berlin
Limited edition (only a few left)
65 €



Also in our shop: Artist William Wegman once told Entertainment Weekly that his dogs, when they’re on-set but off-camera, act “rather blasé about life.” That’s how you’ll find them in his book Dogs on Rocks, showing his Weimaraners in a more natural habitat. Taken while he was in residence at the Acadia Summer Arts Program in Maine, many of the images in this book feature the rocky vistas of Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island, where the program is located. Originally published in 2008, the book is currently out of print. Here, we’re offering a rare copy in mint condition.

136 pages
Out of print
70 €



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