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EX LIBRIS presents No News News. Instead of a quick dopamine fix, our editorial is designed to work like an extended-release pill: small doses of non-generic ideas to stir and tickle your neurons. Focusing on one topic per issue, No News News sends out an anxiety-free dispatch to your inbox every month or so. Subscribe here:

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Whoop! Whoop! To celebrate the latest issue of No News News, we designed two T-shirts in collaboration with the archive of late Vogue editor Angelica Blechschmidt. Click here to get yours.



A cultural think tank, a vessel for research, a publishing imprint in the making. At the oft-proclaimed tail end of journalism, EX LIBRIS calls for a new wave of iconoclasm – while shifting forms and means of expression. Going beyond Instagram, we’re building a community for the literacy-curious. After all, everything is everything ­and substance beats content.


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